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Image crop and resizing services, one of the basic procedures involved in PHOTO MANIPULATION SERVICES, can include various aspects. It is the most fundamental & basic task but very important of the photo editing services in Adobe Photoshop. 
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“Cropping is when you cut off part of an image to achieve a new size or shape. 
Resizing maintains the entire image and simply changes the size.”

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Resizing and cropping are two of the most basic image editing functions.  Cropping always involves cutting away part of the original image and results in some of the pixels being discarded.
Crop and Resizing works beautifully when you’re taking a large photo and reducing the size, but a common problem with resizing photos larger than the original is that it changes the resolution, or the amount of fine detail in an image. In photography, resolution is often expressed as Pixels Per Inch (PPI) in the digital realm or Dots Per Inch (DPI) in the print realm.

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