Ghost Mannequin | Neck Joint

Ghost Mannequin or Neck Joint service is a type of image manipulation service. Tools like clone stamps and many more are used to do this type of photo editing. Neck Joint Service is the same as Ghost Mannequin in Photoshop. It is the method of removing the mannequin from the image of the apparel. The main intention of this service is to simply cut the mannequin out of the dress and make it look like it’s floating in mid-air.

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“Neck Joint or Ghost Mannequin Services is the clothing photo editing process in Photoshop.
Neck joint or Ghost Mannequin service
 is one of the perfect solutions to hide the mannequin from the dress photos. “

Before Before
After After

Garments product lines or clothing is one of the most popular sold products through online markets whether it is by individual sellers or industry. The most important aspect of e-commerce marketing is the showcasing of all online products with the direct aim of making them look more appealing or attractive. In the case of selling garments products online, one type of very useful service that is required by most selling customers is neck joint service, more commonly known as Photoshop ghost mannequin service. It is a very effective method of manipulating the product image in order to look more direct, enhanced, new, interesting, inspiring, and appealing.

Ghost Mannequin/Nick Joint

Ghost Mannequin/Nick Joint || Remove Background from Image
Ghost Mannequin/Nick Joint || Remove Background from Image
Ghost Mannequin/Nick Joint || Remove Background from Image
Ghost Mannequin/Nick Joint || Remove Background from Image
Ghost Mannequin/Nick Joint || Remove Background from Image

A ghost mannequin service is used to remove the mannequin from the dress image and make it look like a 3D image. This service is mostly used by different e-commerce clothing and garments sellers and clothing brands to showcase their products online on different e-commerce websites and catalogs. This helps the customer to choose and buy products by examining them properly. This effect is also known as Neck joint service. As two different photos of the dress’s necks get joined using techniques like image manipulation, background removal, clipping path, etc. 

Now a days, e-commerce businesses are growing rapidly. People easily can get a product from their home by a simple click. Garments/Apparel products are one of the best selling products. According to an online survey Apparel, Footwear, Jewelry, Linens / Home Decor have hit $26 B annual sell. And women’s Apparels has got number one by individual ranking.

It is very important to display an attractive product image to increase your online sales. For garments/apparel products, you can not make an image attractive without applying ghost Mannequin/Neck joint technique.
So, you need to apply the ghost mannequin effect which is also known as neck joint service for your company.

Different types of Ghost Mannequin/Neck Joint Services :-

  • neck joint on ghost mannequin
  • neck combination editing
  • Combining the front and back garment
  • Joining the front and back of the clothes
  • Removing manikin
  • 2D joint for showing joint of the neck
  • 3D/360degree ghost mannequin effect
  • sleeves joint on ghost mannequin
  • scarf showing neck joint
  • bottom joint on ghost mannequin
  • Adjusting the white balance

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