Poster, Leaflet and flyer design

A flyer design is commonly known as a handbill. It is generally an A4 size paper and is mostly used for small-scale marketing often covering a small region. Flyers are still considered to be a cost-effective way to reach a large customer base. Since flyers hold the audience’s attention for a trivial span of time, it has to be designed in an eye-catching manner. There are several Flyer designing companies globally but Pixelgraphics24 is one of the best printed designer Companies.

Posters are bigger in size and the size may vary. They are generally put up at places where there is maximum visibility expected. A poster should have a catchy line and attractive visuals to grab the attention of the TG. The text should be less so that the person reading it has his interest intact while going through the poster.

A Leaflet is considered to have a better design as compared to a flyer. The standard size of a leaflet is that of an A6 sheet. In terms of cost too, it is a bit more expensive. They are mostly printed in colors. They can be circulated by either handing them over to the concerned audience or inserting them in the local newspaper. Not only this, leaflets are often placed tactically at places where people are bound to take a look for example at tables in restaurants, etc.

Although both the poster and the flyer are used to let people know your sale or discount information, the poster aims to attract people’s attention using creative or conspicuous designs. So the color correction can be very loud, and the content can be very weird if you need to.

Also, the text needs to be easy to read and memorize, so people will throw another look at your poster more easily. The next thing is that the contact information and site are placed properly.

As for the flyer, it is handed out to passersby and they can have the paper and see the sale or discount information thoroughly whenever and wherever. So it has to provide detailed information about your campaign, like time, location, place, rules, and others.

Nowadays, the flyer is easily thrown away because people always receive the flyers that they don’t care about. So if it can be fun and interesting, it is more likely for them to keep it and even take pictures to share with their friends.

Sample Leaflet and flyer design

Flyer Design || Clipping Path Services || Photo Editing Services || Image Editing Services

Sample Leaflet and flyer design

Flyer Design || Clipping Path Services || Photo Editing Services || Image Editing Services
Flyer Design || Clipping Path Services || Photo Editing Services || Image Editing Services
Flyer Design || Clipping Path Services || Photo Editing Services || Image Editing Services

Sample Leaflet and flyer design

2 Digital Marketing scaled
1 Corporate Flyer Design scaled

What are the Different sizes on which Flyers can be Printed?

A flyer is one of the ways that businesses have been using to promote their products. Distributed through handing out to individuals or sent to mail, this form of paper advertisement has been serving businesses a big purpose for a long time now. Did you know that despite the influence of digital advertising, printing event flyers still plays an important role in organizing events? In fact, according to the Event Industry Pulse Report, printing is the second most possible item to be increased in terms of organizing an event this year.

How Many Types of Flyer/ Leaflet Pixelgraphics24 provides:

  • Agency/Company Flyers
  • Business/Corporate Flyers
  • Real Estate Flyers
  • Event Flyers
  • Artist Flyers
  • Audition Flyers
  • Dance/DJ/Concert Flyers
  • Valentines Day Flyers
  • Wedding Flyers
  • New Year Flyers
  • Night Party Flyers
  • Photography Flyer
  • Promotional Flyers
  • Big Sale Flyers
  • Fashion/Beauty Flyers
  • Fitness/Gym/Yaga/Spa Flyers
  • Jewelry Flyers
  • Birthday Flyers
  • Events Flyers
  • Black Friday Flyers
  • Restaurant Flyers
  • Cafe Flyers
  • Menu Flyers
  • Fast Food Flyers
  • Pizza Flyers
  • Grand Opening Flyers
  • Campaign Flyers
  • Charity Flyers
  • Medical/Clinic Flyers
  • Pharmacy Flyers
  • Conference Flyers
  • Education Flyers
  • Farewell Flyers
  • Festival Flyers


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